Takajoyama route (Short course)

About Takajoyama route

Recommended for those who want to take a short walk before eating or after taking a bath. It is a course of about 30 minutes by walking slowly.

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Recommended spots on the Takajoyama route

・Spring (mid-April) is recommended when you can pick double cherry blossoms and bracken.

・The view of Mt.Ichifusa is wonderful!

・This is the place where the Bakeneko riot started.

Guidance of Takajoyama route

①Start on the right side path in front of the hotel

②Straighten out the way

The courtyard of Ichifusa Kanko Hotel is huge!
There are also many wild vegetables.

③To the left path of the triangular roof warehouse

The triangular roof warehouse is in front of the main building.
“The color of the roof is white.”

④Follow the road

The courtyard of Ichifusa Kanko Hotel continues.

⑤Go left on the road at the back of the square

The front is Mt. Takajoyama, and a paved road is maintained at the foot of Takajoyama. Head left onto the paved road.

⑥Follow the road

There is a toilet on the left front, and the parking lot of Takajoyama Park is ahead. On the right side of the toilet (about 30m ahead), there is an entrance to the summit.

On the right slope, bracken can be harvested in early spring.

⑦Let’s aim straight for the summit on the road (left)!

From here, aim for the summit of Mt. Takagi!


⑧Arrive at the summit of Takajoyama!


⑨I’m aiming for Goshinsan

⑩Descending Takajoyama
Please watch your step.

⑪Descend until you reach a paved road
If you go down where you can hear the sound of the river flowing, you will come to a road near Goshinsan.
Once you reach the paved road, turn left and you will soon arrive at the entrance of Goshinsan.

⑫When you find Goshinsan’s torii, turn right.

⑬Arraive at Goshin

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⑭Follow the road in front of Goshinsan to the left.
Return to the way you came. Go straight on the paved road without climbing Takajoyama

⑮You can see the village ahead

⑯Turn right at the three-way intersection

⑰Ichifusayama and Ichifusa Kanko Hotel can be seen in front

⑱Arrive at the square

When you arrive at the square, go back the way you came through the garden of Ichifusa Kanko Hotel.
(Direction ⑤⇒④⇒③⇒②⇒①)