Motoyu Forest Route (Middle Course)

About the Motoyu Forest route

It is a course of about 60 minutes by walking slowly. There is also a training facility “Sakura Village” on the course, so it is recommended if you want to relieve the lack of exercise.

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Recommended spots on the Motoyu Forest route

This is a public hot spring facility.

It is a park where you can enjoy footbaths and cherry blossoms.

This is a public training facility.

Guide to Motoyu Forest Route

①Start by turning right at the entrance of the hotel

②Proceed toward Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture

③Go straight while seeing “Ichifusaan Naruo” on the right.

④Turn left when you see the sign

⑤Go straight through a big intersection

Watch out for cars!

⑥Go straight while looking at the information sign on the left

⑦Motoyu on the left, “Motoyu Forest” on the right

⑧Arrive at Motoyu Entrance

If you want to enjoy hot springs, go here!

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⑨Arrive at Motoyu Forest

Cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring.
We also recommend taking a leisurely break in the footbath in the back!


⑩Turn left before “Sobadokoro Yamasachikan”

If you are hungry, fill yourself up with soba noodles.

⑪Arrive at Sakura Village

Click here if you want to train!
There are machines for muscle training and running.
There is also equipment for high altitude training.
In the summer, you can swim in the facility’s heated pool.


⑫Go straight with “Sobadokoro Yamanosachikan” on your left.

⑬Go left at the fork in the road

⑭Turn left at the end

⑮You can see the beauty salon on the right front

⑯Go straight through a big intersection

Watch out for cars!

⑰Turn left at Yamachan

Watch out for cars!

⑱Go straight while looking at Ishigura on the right

This is the Ichifusa Kanko Hotel (goal).